First Off, a big thank you to Jay and Reboot The User for allowing us to have our meeting at Reboot The User. It worked out very well – nice seeing your code on a 50″ display! Jay also supplied the Internet access too.
While the meeting was small, I consider it to be successful. We talked a little bit about PyCon and then moved on to the email2rss project. There was discussion on the two major packages used, libgmail and PyRSS2Gen module. You can see the outcome of the email2rss.py project at http://www.dundeemt.com/rss/omaha-rss.xml (editors note: feed no longer works now that we switched backends)Which is a RSS feed of the User Group mail list.
Other elements of the project discussed were:
There was an open discussion about Python in the work place. The consensus seemed to be small skunk-work projects were ideal for introducing the language. Python’s ability to sling data and ability to integrate with sysadmin type scripts make it ideal for this type of assault.
The wiki, mailing list and flyer were shown. Until the need presents itself, we will continue to use the resources provided by the PSF. In fact, there is an effort through the Python Advocacy group to enhance user group resources. Go Advocacy!
There was discussion of the rumored ~Google-Plex / Council Bluffs. It was agreed that this would be a good thing for the metro IT community if it is true. Council Bluffs, IA sits across the Missouri River from Omaha. A number of our members work in Council Bluffs.
Pizza and Pop were provided by Dundee Media & Technology. Be sure to mail the list with requests for toppings and flavors for the next meeting, as DM&T will sponsoring the food and beverages for the meeting.
Source: OmahaPythonUserGroup – PythonInfo Wiki