July 19, 2010 Meeting

The meeting began with a roundup of several books and online courses for learning Python:

Jeff led a twenty minute discussion of interesting items in Python 2.7, including

  • Ordered Dictionary type
  • Faster io module
  • deprecation warnings disabled by default

We then had a brief introduction to Testing in Python and Jeff agreed to lead further discussion at the September meeting.

  • Unittest – unit testing framework that ships with Python
  • Nose , a unittest-based testing framework for Python that makes writing and running tests easier
  • doctests
  • Two main reasons for testing were “Writing your code with testing in mind makes for better code” (or something like that), and I forget the other one…
  • Selenium – a suite of tools to automate web app testing across many platforms.  (not Python specific, but really cool)

The remainder of the meeting moved into some sys admin topics, where jails, zfs, and btrfs were touted.

The August meeting may be at a different location, so check before attending, or subscribe to the mail list.