September 20th Meeting

Our regular location was booked for this month’s meeting, so at the last minute we tried to find a web conference solution.  Our first choice did not work well, and we moved over to another service.  I apologize  to anyone who tried to join the meeting and got lost in the shuffle.  Thanks to Jeff and Jay for going thru the pains of figuring out the details and getting mics working well.  We will find a good solution before next month’s meeting.  We are hoping to give more people the opportunity to be involved and also have more guest presenters.

In spite of the difficulty, Jeff persisted with an introduction to testing in Python.  He talked mainly about Python Koans, by Greg Malcom. From the website:

Python Koans is an interactive tutorial for learning Python by making tests pass.

Most tests are ‘fixed’ by filling the missing parts of assert functions. Eg:

self.assertEqual(__, 1+2)

which can be fixed by replacing the __ part with the appropriate code:

self.assertEqual(3, 1+2)

Occasionally you will encounter some failing tests that are already filled out. In these cases you will need to finish implementing some code to progress. For example, there is an exercise for writing some code that will tell you if a triangle is equilateral, isosceles or scalene.

As well as being a great way to learn some Python, it is also a good way to get a taste of Test Driven Development (TDD).

Jeff has been working on a couple of sections a day.  (Joe – I thought that you might like this style of learning – I am going to try it myself.) There are versions for Python 2.6 and 3.1.