April Meeting Notes

We had a small but enthusiastic group last night.  The main topics discussed were:

  • Version Controls – subversion and mercurial with Google code, and some basics on VC’s for newbies.
  • Django – Steve introduced a flashcard app, Jeff shared a bit on the ‘render’ shortcut, and he has backported it to v1.2 if you are interested.  Proper app templating namespace was discussed.
  • PyCharm 2.5 is out with better templating, virtual env, and version control tools.
  • ToDoPy – our learning project at google code, was discussed showing what we had done last month, and what to work on this month – adding a Tasks class by sub-classing List, and the associated tests to accompany it.

We had a projector and the screen sharing was much better than last month – thanks Jeff.

Hope to see everyone next month.