This month’s meeting revolved around parallelism, python in the workplace and podcasts. We talked about Parallel Python and attempts at applying it to the NetFlix Prize contest. Jeff gave an impromptu overview on how python is used in his workplace. There was a demo of icepodder, a dolphin safe podcast client written in python.

There was also talk about the number of linux distros that are using python. UbuntuRed Hat’s Anaconda installer, and Gentoo’s Portage package manager.

MIT is using Python for it’s core EE/CS programs.

Chad was talking about gOS which has been getting a lot of press lately. Eli was talking about how MapReduce works in python. Google Android Phone Platform (maybe it’ll run python?)

Rich won the door prize of “Python in a Nutshell” courtesy of O’Reilly. Thanks for your support!

If you missed this month’s meeting we look forward to seeing you next month. Check the groups website @ for meeting details and how to join the mailing list.