OPUG returns in April

Thank you Steve Young for your efforts these past several years as organizer!

OPUG is starting up in April after the 2017 close. The new organizer is enthusiastic and hopeful to bring the group back to life. This will all be dependent on community participation and support.

A little bit about the new organizer…

Naomi See started her career change into tech in her last 20s and spent a great many years getting up to speed with education and general repeated practice of concepts. Primarily being educated in Java and web development she found herself joining a research and development team specializing in automation and data visualization using the python web framework Django. Naomi’s been a part of the local tech community for several years now and has become a Python evangelist especially to those who are wanting to shift careers or level up in their current careers.

Naomi will share more about her journey and her community passion at the next meetup in April. The hope is to draw beginners as well as established Python developers to the meetings. Working on small and potentially larger projects ranging from all aspects of the Python ecosystem.

Be sure to follow OPUG on Twitter and register for the upcoming event in April.

Please also take the time to read our Code of Conduct found here.