Monthly Archives: July 2009


Tonight’s meeting was a series of lightning talks on popular applications that were written in Python in whole or in part. Some of the applications mentioned were:

  1. Nagios – a network monitoring application
  2. Python Redirector – a pure python TCP load balancer
  3. Dropbox – rsync++ for the masses

Hubert Hickman Gave a talk and demonstration of the work he and his team are doing with Python at UNMC.*

Other Projects/Items mentioned at the meeting:


Last night was a great discussion on where to get started with python. Many resources were discussed, some of which I did not know existed. Items covered ranged from Users Groups to online free books (i.e. Byte of Python) to commercial books. Online video tutorials where also mentioned.

From the POV of the slide presentation, it was a great dry run. Appreciate the input. I will be updating the slides for a future meeting. At which time they will be published.

For a private copy of the slides, send a message to this mail list. Obviously if there are a lot of requests I will just post them. Keep in mind, these slides are a draft.

BTW, I would also like to mention that the NECERT breakfast this Wednesday has been canceled due to a scheduling conflict. So if anyone was planning, well your schedule is now free.