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July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010 Meeting

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The meeting began with a roundup of several books and online courses for learning Python:

Jeff led a twenty minute discussion of interesting items in Python 2.7, including

  • Ordered Dictionary type
  • Faster io module
  • deprecation warnings disabled by default

We then had a brief introduction to Testing in Python and Jeff agreed to lead further discussion at the September meeting.

  • Unittest – unit testing framework that ships with Python
  • Nose , a unittest-based testing framework for Python that makes writing and running tests easier
  • doctests
  • Two main reasons for testing were “Writing your code with testing in mind makes for better code” (or something like that), and I forget the other one…
  • Selenium – a suite of tools to automate web app testing across many platforms.¬† (not Python specific, but really cool)

The remainder of the meeting moved into some sys admin topics, where jails, zfs, and btrfs were touted.

The August meeting may be at a different location, so check before attending, or subscribe to the mail list.

July 8, 2010

Next Meeting – July 19

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The next meeting is right around the corner. See the where and when page for specifics.  Please post meeting topic requests to this post or the list.

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