November 15, 2010 Meeting Notes

We continued our focus on testing tonight looking at TDD, BDD, unittest, nose, freshen and lettuce.  BDD is TDD with a little different syntax aiming to make building the tests more natural.  Freshen and lettuce were inspired by a Rails project call Cucumber, which has some good documents on how BDD works.

We discussed the possibility of starting a lunch meet-up to sharpen our skills by building a fun project.  From the topics of the night Jeff suggested creating Conway’s Game of Life and have it tweet updates.  Please chime in on the email list if you are interested or have suggestions.

A few of the projects discussed were:

  • how to create a lot of tweets and schedule them to be sent at certain times or intervals.
  • how to sync Facebook and Twitter updates
  • cURL – command line tool to transfer data with url syntax

I failed to take notes so please add to the comments for what I forgot!