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Omaha Python Users Group Meeting, April 18, 2011

Tonight’s meeting:

Steve talked about the book he just read, “Start Small, Stay Small“.  The premise is fast is good.   Jeff talked about the book he was reading, “Programming Collective Intelligence”.  Conversations then turned to SQL, and good resources.   It was pointed out there are a number of really good references on the web and that it is probably best to just do it, keeping in mind that every table needs a primary key and to never depend on the user to give you information that you would use as part of the primary key without checking.

Jeff was motivated by the PyCon video, “Python and Robots: Teaching programming in High School“.  He actually went out and got an S2 and Fluke board and is now actively teaching his kids how to program robots in Python.

More talk about the results from the survey were discussed.  Focusing on “events” and moving away from traditional “user group” seemed to be popular and something we want to move forward and try.


Next “Event” is in May — See you then.


Omaha Python Users Group Meeting, March 21, 2011

Talked about pycon videos on blip, some of the videos mentioned were:


Results from Surveys discussions –

  • More timely  notifications for the meetings.  A 2week/1week pattern and a 1week pattern were discussed.
  • Coding by example is one of the most requested topics.  However, we need steady access to a projector to make that work.
  • Vary content over the meeting from Beginner to Advanced
  • Win lottery and split proceeds with others interested in Python, then they can retire and have time to attend.
  • Noticed lots of Python envy from perl coders.  (Can’t we all just get along?)
  • Lansky’s has as many benefits as negatives.  We are game for any venue with more pluses — Looking for ideas and offers.
  • Usage (most to least): WEB, SysAdmin, DataBase, Desktop, Other, Games, CompSci, Hobby, Academic, Mobile, Robotics, Scientific
    • Other includes: rapid security tool dev
  • how many times have you attended: 46% – Never, 30% 1-10, 15% 24, 8% – >24